The Root Cutter's Cottage Oil Landscape Painting

$ 250.00

I chose to show a fat moon rising over this root-cutter's* cottage on a lake to indicate the dream-inspired knowledge of the person who lives there. They know herbs the traditional way, from books and practice, and they can make tinctures, extracts, and oils for healing and more, but they also have Moon knowledge: they concoct ointments for trance, dreamwork, and even flying. It's peaceful on this small lake--it's not a place for motorboats or tourists--but it's fine for being still and listening for quiet voices. 

The oil painting is on 11 x 14" canvas with traditional 7/8" profile and is ready to frame.

*A root-cutter is someone who knows how to work with plants for medicine or magic, for good or ill. Sometimes known as a green witch.

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