The Magic of the Sword of Moses - Signed Copy

$ 21.95

In my second book, I focus on a magical work from around 500-750 CE from the Land of Israel called The Sword of Moses. You've probably seen copies of The Sword in the Gaster translation from the 1890s and been baffled by the gaps and the divine names. My book fills in those gaps and tells you how to pronounce the names. I also describe in detail exactly how to perform the 3-day operation to prepare for the use of the divine names in spellwork, and I give about 40 of the spells, complete with talismans. Spells range from love to healing to protection to cursing. Not only did I write this book, but except for the very beautiful cover, I did the illustrations based on the Hebrew handwriting used in the work's manuscript from the 1500s. This is a signed copy, and I can sign it to an individual if you give me the name; just send it to me after checkout by choosing the Contact page to let me know. I will send it media mail in the US. Unfortunately, the cost of shipping this book internationally is absurd--$25 just to the UK--so I am not offering that option.