House at the Crossroads Oil Landscape Painting

$ 575.00

I've noticed that often, out in the country, houses will kind of cluster at crossroads, which are places where all sorts of magical rituals (or bargains) can occur. There is certainly something mystical about them. I wanted to create an image of a crossroads that was quite out there, very isolated, with no other houses in sight, and yet tended by only a single house. I wondered if that solitariness was on account of something especially powerful about this particular crossroads. Notice there are no power or telephone lines in this forgotten place. And yet you can tell from the lights that someone is home. Who lives there? I thought it must be some worker of magic or the practitioner of some strange fringe religion--not lonely, but simply waiting for those who need to come to them.

The original oil painting is 18 x 24"/46 x 61cm on cotton canvas with a 3/4"/2cm profile and is ready to frame. 

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