Home of the Water Witch Oil Landscape Painting SOLD

$ 250.00

For centuries, various cultures have considered witches able to control water, whether it be in the form of storms over the ocean, rainstorms on land, or even drought. This particular water witch lives close to the ocean, which you can just catch sight of at the painting's horizon, but also right at the shore of a large freshwater pond. She's got the woods protecting her back, and any who have tried to approach her home with ill intent find that no matter how they search, they are fended off by huge blackberry thickets and masses of multiflora roses. If they go by water, the mud and hidden sand bars stick their little vessel fast. It's almost as if some living creature below the water's surface grabs their boat and won't let them go until they give up and come about. So they leave her alone, and she does her work in peace. The original 11 x 14" painting has sold.

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