Plants - Fresh Mandrake Roots

Fresh Mandrake Roots 
I am making room to start a bunch of new mandrakes from seeds I harvested from my own plants, so I am selling a number of young mandrakes. These are about two years old. These are fresh, bare roots that come with a planting sheet. They can only be shipped to the Continental US, sorry. 

A couple are now on ebay:


Twisted 6" 0.8oz $45 SOLD

Sexy 4" 1.6oz $85 SOLD

Stumpy White 3" 1.2oz $65 SOLD

Cutie White 3" 0.6oz $35 SOLD

Snek 2" 0.9oz $50 SOLD

Confidence 5" 3.2oz. $175 SOLD

Hey there! 2" 1.4oz $75 SOLD