The Ruins Mixed Media Landscape Painting

$ 450.00

Much of this world's former glory lies in ruins. But just because some structures have been wrecked does  not mean they are empty. In the background stand tall, featureless buildings, sinister watchmen. We don't know who lives there, if anyone. But these are in good repair; it's the interesting part of their world that has been allowed to decay rather than the prisons and bureaucracies. Some people haven't forgotten the ruins and what they represent; in the lower left-hand corner, a pilgrim accompanied by their dog moves towards them to practice resurrection rituals of their own. The clear crone moon hangs directly above the traveler. This symbol of hope points the way through darkness into a new light to be born on the other side. The moon grows and lessens but never dies completely.

The original mixed media landscape painting is 16 x 20" on archival watercolor paper and can be framed without glass if you like, as it has been coated with fixative.

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