Metatron Dances Mixed Media Landscape Painting

$ 450.00

This complex painting includes a lot of related images. At the center is the angel Metatron, who is described as having a face of fire and lightning. He is normally depicted sitting on a throne, which is in the right hand side at a tilt, where he writes in a scroll, keeping track of things in the worlds. On the opposite side stands the Shekhina, the feminine aspect of the Divine, who was lifted up to heaven at the time of the Flood. Her connection to the Sephira Malkhut (the material world) is depicted on her back as a skyline. We can't see her face, as she is hidden to us until the end of time, but we can see her neck and her hair up. There are two dark figures in the painting who, with their broken-open green heads represent the klippot, the shattered husks in the universe. Metatron is dancing with them in an effort to heal them, to rescue the sacred sparks trapped within them. The ladders inside the green heart of the world stand for the mystical practice of ascending to heaven and the elevation of the soul. The stairway is another method of ascension but also related to Jacob's dream of the angels going up and down the ladder to heaven and to the concept of an Underworld. The snake below it represents the snake in the Garden, who was not a demon but simply a spirit; without the snake's encouragement, history would never have begun. 

This original mixed media landscape painting is 16 x 20" on heavy cotton watercolor paper and has been sealed with fixative so that it does not need to be framed behind glass. Contact me if you are interested in ordering a print.

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