Yellow Belladonna Plant - Sold Out: I should have more in a couple of months

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I grew these yellow belladonna plants from seeds. This is a variety of regular belladonna; it has pale yellow flowers and yellow fruits. The jury is out as to whether this variety has more alkaloids or less than regular belladonna; I found contradictory information. But it does make a nice stealth belladonna. These are in 4" pots and are about 4" tall. They should be potted up to a 6" pot fairly soon. These guys are growing!  

Yellow belladonna is a perennial that needs partial sun. Too much sun will cause it to burn and wilt. Inside you can grow them under common fluorescent lights kept an inch or so from the tops of the leaves. Higher-powered lights should be kept farther back to protect from leaf burn. I water with a liquid kelp solution diluted to the bottle directions if they are inside, and if they are outside, I use liquid kelp in a sprayer and water the undersides of the leaves before ten am once a week. Too much fertilizer will make leaves susceptible to insects.

They like to grow in temperate areas and can't handle too much heat or too much cold (zones 6-9). Prefers a slightly chalky soil. If growing outside in the ground, choose to plant near a cement or rock wall. If growing inside in a pot, add crushed granite (chick-grit) as a top dressing. However, this is one plant that is better to grow outside than in. It gives off alkaloids in its scent and is poisonous to pets.

In case of attack by bugs, try spinosad spray, which you can buy in concentrate form and dilute and then spray the underside of the leaves in the evening, so as to avoid harming bees. But bees don't normally visit belladonna anyway. 

Can only be shipped to the Continental US. 

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