Witch Tower Imaginary Landscape Painting

$ 28.00

The idea for this imaginary landscape painting was inspired by a photo of some electrical pylons, which my brain immediately turned into various towers. Working in a new medium (casein) gave me the freedom to approach the setting for the tower in a completely new way, much more abstractly and with far less dependence on local color--in other words, these are the colors of the spirit of the place rather than being a reflection of it. And this place is a spiritual one rather than residing on the material plane. The blue energy pouring from the Witch Tower is a representation of the power of the magic worker's spell or ritual, and we can see that it is echoed in blue ridges throughout the atmosphere. The moon is red from dust and the smoke of spirit. I imagine the tower itself to be a kind of organic growth, half wood, half rock, that was created by the magic worker working together with spirits. This is the first painting I have completed in casein, an ancient type of paint based on milk protein and borax. I look forward to doing much more work in it. 

The giclee prints are on 100% cotton archival fine art paper, colors are matched to the original by the artist, and they are signed on the back. The original painting is 18 x 24"/46 x 61cm casein on heavy watercolor paper. It has been varnished so it can be displayed without any glass but it does need a frame. Free shipping in the US.

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