Visitor Surreal Landscape Painting

$ 22.00

I think of the visitor in this painting as a spirit that is trying to communicate with us and that has chosen to "reflect" the buildings in its own way. This surreal painting began with a photo I took of the alley next to my loft. I always have liked how the buildings there make a sort of frame for the northern sky, especially when the sun is setting. I knew from the start the title would be "Visitor" and originally thought about placing a single pink cloud in the sky area, but I felt I should continue to dig into the subconscious for images. The subconscious plays a major role in the surrealist approach, after all. I sketched some shapes and chose one that I thought would stand for a spirit (to my mind, spirits in their natural state are very alien in form). I thought I would make it pink and white, but looking at the rest of the painting, I realized that those colors would not allow the image to stand out. So instead, I chose more saturated shades of the same red and blue I used in the buildings. I really enjoyed painting this, although it involved a lot more do-overs than usual for me. 

The giclee prints are a bit smaller than the others on the site because there are fewer square ready-made frames (which are way less expensive than custom sizes). The prints are on 100% cotton archival fine art paper, colors are matched to the original by the artist, and they are signed on the back. The original acrylic painting is 24 x 24"/61 x 61cm on a cradled wood panel with a 1.5" profile, ready to hang (no frame is necessary, but you can still frame it if you want in a "floater" frame or any frame with a 1.5" "rabbet").  

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