The Welcome Storm Oil Landscape Painting

$ 650.00

A storm can be destructive or cleansing (or both). In this landscape oil painting, I wanted to show an environment that despite being deprived of needed moisture, was still a living color. Inside each tuft of grass is a bit of green, hidden like a heart, waiting for the right moment to burst forth. That moment is being brought forward by the storm clouds in the distance. They will bring harsh winds and hard rain, but the winds will clear away detritus, and the rain will renew life. I see this as both a spiritual story and a political one. Often, change is not calm or smooth but stormy and blustery and even somewhat violent. We might see that coming storm as frightening. But it is simply a door we must walk through. 

The painting combines my love of landscape and abstract painting. Three bands of color--orange/red, white, and grey--give this work a strong abstract aspect. Orange is my "spirit" color--the color of the god Hermes. Black and grey/white/silver are the colors of my spirit teachers. So for me, these colors in combination carry a strong spiritually protective and guiding sense. But I also just love these colors together. They feel very old--even ancient. And in fact the orange began with Italian Pompeii Red earth pigment and the sky with Spanish Black Earth. 

The original painting is oil on canvas, 24 x 24"/61 x 61cm with a traditional 3/4"/2cm profile and is ready to frame.  

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