The Cardinal Portrait Painting - SOLD

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I was looking at Dutch portraits of the 1600s and had the idea of parodying them using botanical or organic forms. This one is based on an oil painting of a cardinal looking very grumpy and stuck up. I used a tulip shape for his head on account of the tulip mania of that period, an investment bubble that exploded spectacularly. Some people got rich and a lot lost everything. This cardinal had tulips on his mind a great deal--kind of a gambler. The other reason why I painted this is because I like red and orange and golden yellow together. 

I created this painting with archival liquid watercolors on 100% cotton watercolor paper, so it's built to last.  I finished it with cold wax, which deepens the colors and allows it to be displayed without glass. It is signed on the back. Shipped with tracking.It is 8 x 10", a standard size easy to find frames for. 

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