Sky Devours the Sun

$ 28.00

In this Tonalist landscape painting, I wanted to capture that moment when a storm cloud turns greenish, just before the funnel starts to descend. The sun in this painting is small and looks weak against the massive storm cloud that forms with the hills a sort of jaw. This "mouth" is echoed in the toothy waves. Still, this painting is not meant to be scary but instead to depict power. We're sometimes at the mercy of nature's power, and that can be frightening and even dangerous, but since we are part of nature ourselves, we partake of that power too and we can draw upon it, as witches drawn upon energy to make magic. Thus, this painting intends to be empowering for the viewer. I didn't want to paint a super Realist work here but instead depend a bit more on my own impressions or feelings, to show what nature's power feels like when it takes the form of a storm that can seem to wipe out the most powerful object in the heavens, the sun. That's why this painting depends a bit more on color than some of my others. 

The giclee prints are on 100% cotton archival fine art paper, colors are matched to the original by the artist, and they are signed on the back. The original acrylic painting is 18 x 24"/46 x 61cm on wood panel with a 1.5" profile, ready to hang.

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