Signs in the Forest Painting or Print

$ 450.00

The area where I live is full of big rocks scattered here and there, often in groups, but sometimes all alone, like this one. Whenever I see a lone boulder, I always think of it as a marker of some sort--a gesture Our Mother makes with her bones. I heightened the signifying aspect of this rock by adding three (a divine number!) bone-like white branches as a sort of path or ladder leading to the rock. I feel like the rock indicates a path also, an entry to the Underworld, and that might be why I had the idea of the bone-like branches. This painting is based on a photo I took of such a rock while walking with friends in the woods here in New England. 

The original oil painting is 16 x 20"/41 x 51cm on cotton canvas with a traditional 7/8" profile and is ready to hang or frame.  The giclee prints are on archival cotton watercolor paper and are ready to frame.

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