$ 34.00

Birds are often seen as symbols in the systems of magic and alchemy. I wanted to incorporate them into this very quiet painting to add a touch of magic realism to it. This wide, placid bay with its serene farmland and gentle water is given a signal by black birds flying in the formation of an infinity symbol. I was not sure if the birds here were simply reminding this land of mortality in general or warning it of something below the surface--maybe this land is not so placid or serene as it appears, and maybe the sunset is symbolic as well. Certainly, nature lets us know when things are amiss. This surreal landscape was also an experiment with a new blue pigment and a study for a larger work. 

The giclee prints are on 100% cotton archival fine art paper, colors are matched to the original by the artist, and they are signed on the back. The original painting is 9 x 12"/23 x 30cm on canvas with a traditional 3/4"/2cm profile and requires a frame. 

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