$ 885.00

This abstract oil painting depicts the Shekhinah, probably the best known of the feminine aspects of the divine in Judaism. Traditionally considered to be separated from the masculine aspect of the divine in this world, the Shekhinah is said in the Zohar to descend upon the Earth and its people at certain times, like the Eve of the Sabbath. A Kabbalistic hymn commonly sung even nowadays at that time welcomes her. She is also considered to be part of Malkuth in the Lurianic Tree of Life. I have always imagined the Shekhinah as layered divine veils that descend upon us, composed of light and falling with the sound of soft snow, and that's how I tried to depict Her here. Some Christians identify the Shekhinah with the Holy Spirit (so the descent idea is there again).

The original oil painting is 18 x 24"/46 x 61cm on cotton canvas with a 3/4"/2cm profile and is ready to frame. 

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