Rooted Painting or Print

$ 140.00

I used botanical shapes of crumpled, rippled, crimped petals as well as stumpy and wiry forms of roots in this abstract painting. I wanted to portray both the toughness and the beauty of rootedness. I jacked up the painting's energy by making use of color vibration, where a complementary color is paired with a primary color. I also began with the Surrealist technique of automatism, where you let the image arise from your subconscious as you go instead of planning it out beforehand. I feel like this allows a greater connection not only to my subconscious but to the world beneath the material universe, which is shot through with all sorts of energy and entities. And I think I come up with more appealing forms that way also. 

The original mixed media painting is 8 x 10"/20 x 25cm on canvas and can be framed without glass. The giclee print is 8 x 10" on archival paper and must be framed behind glass.

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