Memory Painting or Print

$ 360.00

Everyone has had the experience of a memory changing through time. It might become more fleshed out with details that were glossed over in the past or that the mind added on as decorative or informative bits. It might rise out of the mists of memory decades later like a sunken island rising suddenly from the sea due to mysterious hidden forces. And it might simply fade and lose definition, like an old Polaroid photo left on the dashboard of a car. But that sense of its change over time is there. That's what I wanted to depict here--memory as sometimes bright, as sections being torn away like veils, as parts suddenly black, as fortified with detail. Each version of a specific memory is different and yet partakes of the same original experience. 

The original mixed media painting is 16 x 20"/41 x 51cm on cotton canvas with a  traditional 75"/2cm profile and is ready to frame. No need for glass. The giclee print is 16 x 20" on archival paper.

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