Hidden Signs Small Watercolor Painting

$ 50.00

I began this painting by putting imaginary signs and symbols on the paper in water-resistant ink and then painting over them with liquid watercolor so that they would be both hidden and revealed, much as in a dream or a vision. I designed these symbols to represent spirits or magical energy. For the magic practitioner, recognizing and using signs and symbols is a major part of the work, but there is nothing stopping us from creating our own.  

I created this one-of-a-kind watercolor landscape painting with archival liquid watercolors and ink on 100% cotton watercolor paper, so it's built to last. It is signed on the back. Shipped with tracking.It is quite small at 5 x 7"/13 x 18 cm, but this is a standard size easy to find frames for (usually a 5 x 7" watercolor painting calls for an 8 x 10" frame with a mat opening of 4.5 x 6.5"). It should be displayed behind glass to protect it. 

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