Angel Print

$ 35.00

This abstract version of an angel is quite different from the typical Victorian or even Renaissance or Medieval imagery of angels as some kind of mostly non-sexual European. Instead, I have tried to represent an angel as a fully spiritual creature which might well be unrecognizable to us but perhaps more powerful for that very reason. I chose dark purple as a regal color and gold and white as colors of enlightenment. The red and pink are for life on the material plane, because even though angels are not human and generally interact with deity, they also sometimes come to Earth and therefore must take on some fleshy, material form. Thus I have tried to blend the spiritual and the material in this representation. I guess I really want to emphasize in my paintings of spirits that who they are can very much break from our notions of who they are.

The giclee print is 11 x 14"/28 x 30cm on heavy cotton watercolor paper and is ready to frame.

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