Moon Flowers: Lunar Plants for Divination & Prophecy

Dawn Moon Print of Landscape Painting by Harold RothThis class will teach you how to identify and use various Moon-ruled plants for magical work. After an intro about identifying Moon plants, we'll discuss how to use them in various forms (fresh/dried plant parts, essential oils, extracts) to make incense, scented oils, tinctures, powders, teas, and baths that will help you with divination, dreamwork, and prophecy. The plants covered include night-blooming flowers, lotus, blue waterlily, poppy, wild lettuce, passionflower, chamomile, clary sage, orris root, and more. The class will involve videos, images, and articles posted weekly for 8 weeks as well as questions & answers. Material will be available to you for a year, and much is downloadable. I will try to have some Zoom meetings too. You can pay all at once, monthly, or weekly. There are no refunds, although if you are on weekly payments and something comes up, contact me and we can work it out.
Monthly $100 for 2 months

Weekly $25 for 8 weeks