Class: Kabbalah and Magic: Beginning in September

Beginning the second week of September, this class involves the study of Kabbalistic magic, from its roots in the first millenium to modern times. We'll cover ancient angel magic (Hekhalot), the work of the Chariot (Merkavah), practices of the Zohar, Lurianic (Tree of Life) work, Ecstatic Kabbalah (working towards prophecy), Abramelin & its Kabbalistic roots, the Golem, making talismans, Baalei Shem (masters of divine names for magical practice), the forms of the Shekhinah (divine feminine), yihudim (unification of male and female god forms), occult QBLH (roots in Renaissance Christianity, Dion Fortune, Golden Dawn, etc.), and finally, Sitra Achra (the other side of the Tree of Life) and klippot (the husks). The class will involve videos, images, and articles posted weekly for 12 weeks as well as questions & answers every other week. We'll also try out some Zoom sessions. You can pay all at once, monthly, or weekly.


 One-time payment of $300:

 Monthly payments of $100 for three months:

Weekly payments of $25 for 12 weeks: