At Home Oil Landscape Painting


I know a lot of people, including me, dream about a cottage in the woods. This is that cottage. It's a place where people will leave you alone. The trees are too thick for snowmobiles in winter or four-wheelers in summer. The forest is too dark and the animals too cunning for hunting and trespassers. There's plenty of deadfall for your fireplace so you never have to cut down a tree, and berries galore for treats and wine. It's the kind of place that can be a home or a retreat. This is a place that in our time many people need--a place of peace and an easy unity with the natural world. Enjoy!

This painting has a ton of texture, which doesn't show up well in the photo.

The original oil painting is 16 x 20"/41 x 51cm on cotton canvas with a  traditional 75"/2cm profile and is ready to frame or can be hung without a frame. 

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