Moon Magic Oil Landscape Painting and Prints

$ 650.00

This landscape painting began as a sunset and made up its mind it was really about the moon at dusk. The moon is one of my favorite subjects. I created symbols to represent the magical interaction between the Earth and the Moon. These symbols rise like dew from the misty water in the foreground. I made them a light blue to signify their almost electrical energy. This peaceful scene shows a silent but powerful interaction that has a profound effect on living things on this planet. I made the scene very dreamlike because the Moon of course rules dreams and the unconscious. This work also incorporates asemic writing, since I created the magical symbols myself. 

The original painting is oil on canvas, 24 x 24"/61 x 61cm with a traditional 3/4"/2cm profile and is ready to frame. The giclee prints are on 100% cotton archival fine art paper, colors are matched to the original by the artist, and they are signed on the back. 

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