Dark Arts Oil Abstract Painting

$ 415.00

I drew upon all sorts of symbolism to create this image of Dark Arts. There's the Saturnian ring around the bottom vessel--Saturn rules dark arts--and that vessel sports demonic horns as well as consisting of dark glass, within which something hidden glows red. The middle vessel features reptilian scales (reptiles representing the chthonic world, often an energy drawn upon for cursework) and gives off a radioactive glow--penetrating and destructive. The energies born in the bottom vessel rise through the reptilian stage to be transformed into a black rose, the opposite of the sweet, loving red rose,, which sends out thorns of black energy to carry out the spell. The entire image hints at the hidden transformation into released violent energy through the background colors of black morphing into scarlet red. 

The original painting is oil on canvas, 12 x 24" with a traditional profile, and is ready to hang.

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