At the Werewolf Barbecue Surreal Watercolor Painting

$ 250.00

Everyone enjoys a good BBQ--except maybe the long pig. :) Al and Bob skinned this catch, and Chester is in charge of degutting (which is turned into sausage--werewolves are naturally thrifty and use everything but the long pig's squeal). Bob will butcher the pig, and it will be ready to toss on the giant grill (not visible here). The most succulent bits will be offered to the Alpha Female, which this year is, yes, Mindy! Photo snapped at the 257th Annual Werewolf Packs United Barbecue in Mt. Pleasant, NY,  June 30, 1939. In case you didn't know, werewolves hold their barbecues at night when the moon is full.

The original watercolor painting is 10 3/4 x 14 3/4"/27 x 36cm on heavy cotton watercolor paper and is ready to frame. 

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