Memory of a Pond Small Watercolor Landscape Painting

$ 50.00

I used a particular blue, indanthrone, that I especially like here and that always reminds me of old-fashioned blueprints. Blueprints made me think of old times and in turn of memory, and that made me think, "I'll bet bodies of water have memories." After all, they are so alive. I tried to depict what a pond memory would look like. The water might reflect shrubs and trees from another time period altogether, for instance. 

I created this one-of-a-kind watercolor landscape painting with archival watercolor on 100% cotton watercolor paper, so it's built to last. It is signed on the back. Shipped with tracking.It is quite small at 5 x 7"/13 x 18 cm, but this is a standard size easy to find frames for (usually a 5 x 7" watercolor painting calls for an 8 x 10" frame with a mat opening of 4.5 x 6.5"). It should be displayed behind glass to protect it. 

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