A Night to Remember Watercolor Painting SOLD

$ 450.00

I've been wanting to paint a series of witchy still lifes for years. This is the first of them. It is based on an experience reported in Dale Pendell's book Pharmako-Gnosis: Plant Teachers and the Poison Path. He described drinking a "thimble-sized" glass of belladonna berry wine. Neither he nor his friend wanted seconds. But in my still life, I put the belladonna berry "wine" into a classic antique poison bottle of cobalt blue. This belladonna tincture would be added by drops to the glasses of dark red wine. I also included a sprig of belladonna, just to say what the poison was. The Black Witch moth is there because Dutch Golden Age still lifes often featured moths as reminders of death. I chose a Black Witch because of its name and reputation as a death bringer. This painting took me quite a long time to do, but I am happy with the result. I haven't painted anything like this before, but I hope to do more. 

This original mixed media painting has sold.

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