Golden Henbane Plant

$ 25.00

These are golden henbane (Hyoscyamus aureus) plants I grew myself from seeds. The flowers are bright yellow with a dark purple center that can also be purple and white striped. I have several seedlings planted in each pot so they will grow nice and stocky for you and produce plenty of flowers and pods; other plants don't like crowding, but henbane has fibrous roots and doesn't mind at all. These are in 4" pots and are about 4" tall. They should be potted up to a 6" pot when they put on a few more inches. Golden henbane gets about 2 feet tall. 

This species is more commonly grown in the Middle and Near East than the other henbanes. It's a good choice if you are working paths originating in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Palestine, and so forth. Or just grow it for its beauty; the yellow flowers are cheerful and it has nicely shaped, somewhat hairy leaves. I do not know if it has more or fewer alkaloids than white or black henbane, but it does have a history of medicinal use in the area.. It can be a biennial or a perennial, which means it might not flower until its second year, but in my experience, it generally does. Collect seeds from the ripe pods when they turn brown to plant next year. Or if you transplant it to outside, look for renewed growth from a first-year plant in the second spring and for self-seeded seedlings.  I find that golden henbane grows well under lights in winter and does well outside in warmer seasons. It prefers a chalky soil, so top dress with chick grit (small bits of crushed granite) or use a cactus mix type of potting soil. 

Henbane needs good sunlight. Inside you can grow them under common fluorescent lights kept an inch or so from the tops of the leaves. Higher-powered lights should be kept farther back to protect from leaf burn. I water with a liquid kelp solution diluted to the bottle directions if they are inside, and if they are outside, I use liquid kelp in a sprayer and water the undersides of the leaves before ten am once a week. Too much fertilizer will make leaves susceptible to insects.

In case of attack by bugs, try spinosad spray, which you can buy in concentrate form and dilute and then spray the underside of the leaves in the evening, so as to avoid harming bees. But bees don't normally visit henbane anyway. 

Can only be shipped to the Continental US. Buy four for the same shipping as for one.

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