$ 365.00

I am very drawn to various symbols, especially those I don't recognize. They seem more full of meaning than familiar symbols. When I paint abstractly, I try to create some sort of composition with color and form (still working at getting better at that) but I also try very hard to connect to some part of myself that is normally hidden, even from me. The ladder symbol recurs regularly for me, and I always think of snakes on the one hand (purveyor of (dangerous knowledge))  and the mysterious stairs where the angels went to and fro (the transmission of knowledge, of spiritual awakening). The dark pushes up in the lower right-hand corner of this painting, into the light in the upper left-hand corner. You can almost feel the image beginning to turn counter-clockwise, generating energy through the interaction of the Earth and the Sky, Heaven and Underworld. The symbols and the background are made of the colors of sky and space, lightning, cloud, and stars. 

The original watercolor painting is 11 x 14"/28 x 30cm on heavy cotton watercolor paper and is ready to frame.

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