Blue Heart

$ 365.00

I'm fascinated by the characteristic bark of various trees. Something about beech bark reminds me of elephant skin. I wanted to portray the wrinkled skin but also the tree's massiveness and great power--and persistence. I chose non-naturalistis colors to emphasize my focus on the tree's energetic being rather than its materiality. The tree's heart is blue not because of any sadness but because of its great size and strength and regalness, these being Jovian qualities, the color of which is typically blue. This painting began as a study of an old beech and gradually became a full-fledged painting. The actual tree this painting is based on grows in a very old cemetery in Providence, but I shifted it to a woodland. 

The original watercolor painting is 11 x 15"/28 x 38cm on heavy cotton watercolor paper and is ready to frame.

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