Peyote with Datura Trumpets Print

$ 75.00

There is tension between Peyote and Datura in the religious symbolism of the Huichol people of the Southwest. At a certain point in their history, they set aside working with Datura and shifted to Peyote. I can understand why, since as a plant, peyote is basically not toxic and in terms of its spirit seems to lack the gnarly edges of Datura Spirit. I decided to symbolize this transition in this painting. I have worked with Datura for a long time and have other paintings where it is featured, including Datura Salutes the Moon, Datura Dawn, Datura Print, and Dreams in the Witch House, where I figured the witch Hezekiah as a datura flower and her familiar, Brown Jenkin, as a ripe datura pod. Peyote also appears in my painting Purple Hills of Peyote.

This museum quality giclee print is 10 x 30"/25 x 76cm on archival paper.

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