January Beach Study SOLD

$ 0.00

Yesterday I went with friends to a beach here in RI. It was a gloomy, drizzly January day. I took some photos, because I knew I wanted to make a painting of the beach. I didn't even notice the distant houses (which I narrowed down to one house in this painting because solitary). I used mineral-based watercolor pigments (blue apatite, sugilite, German greenish raw umber) instead of the gouache I've been experimenting with, but I still thought I would add colored pencil when I finished. Instead I was able to get the texture I wanted with a dry brush, for instance, on the rocks. This was a joy to paint. Because it's a study, it is half the price of one of my regular paintings.

The original watercolor study is 9 x 12"/23 x 30cm on heavy cotton watercolor paper and has been sold. 

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