Classes: Datura--The Unquiet Spirit SOLD OUT

$ 35.00

Datura Spirit was the first plant spirit I had contact with, and I've grown it for many years. I want to share what I've learned from this restive spirit with you. I will cover the "practical" side of daturas: various ways to germinate the seeds, cultivation under lights and outside, dealing with insect pests,  harvesting and preserving seeds, leaves, and the roots, some formulas, and share my personal experiences with the plant's spirit.

This class will be live on Zoom. We'll do a 1 hour talk and then have an hour for your questions and discussion. You have two sessions to choose from: either Thursday at 7 PM Eastern (11 PM UTC) on November 17, or Saturday at 2 PM Eastern (6 PM UTC) on November 19.  I will also record it so that you can view it later. $35. See you there!

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