Classes: Belladonna, The Tricksy Spirit SOLD OUT

$ 35.00

Belladonna has always fascinated me, with its so shiny and juicy-looking fat berries beckoning to be eaten--by fools. I think it's precisely because it's so tricksy that it has long been associated with witchcraft, that most ambivalent and tricksy of crafts. I'd like to share with you what I've learned from this ass-kicking spirit with you. I will cover the "practical" side of belladonna, including various ways to germinate the seeds, cultivation under lights and outside, dealing with bugs, harvesting and preserving seeds, leaves, and the roots, some formulas, and share my personal experiences with the plant's spirit.

This class will be live on Zoom. We'll do a 1 hour talk and then have an hour for your questions and discussion. You have two sessions to choose from: either Thursday at 7 PM Eastern (11 PM UTC) on February 23, or Saturday at 2 PM Eastern (6 PM UTC) on February 25.  I will also record it so that you can view it later. $35. See you there!

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